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My adventure took me to North Africa to experience a culture as unique as the continent itself. You tell them what you want to do and Thrillations will plan it for you. I will always use Thrillations to book my adventure travels. Thanks for the adventure of a lifetime!

Jack Hartman
Cupertino, CA

This past weekend, a couple of my friends went with me on a safari in Africa. We rented a jeep and a tour guy named Mashokie. I have never seen that much land with only one or two trees in site. The sun was almost unbearable, it was scorching hot. Although, the sun and the heat was an issue, the animals that we saw made it all worth while! I would love to make the trip once more, but maybe not in the middle of June again.

Rachelle Moore
Baltimore, MD

I had never been hiking before and my friend Joseph asked me if I wanted to go to Brazil with him. So of course, being up for new adventures, I said yes. We left on a Friday and were going be gone for 5 days. When we finally got to the location where our hike would start, I was a little nervous. To be honest I have never spent that many days out in the woods without all of the modern day utilities. Joseph tried to keep me calm through out the night, but all the animals and all the noises they made still creeped me out. I was afraid to wake up with a snake in my sleeping bag. As the days went on I actually started to enjoy myself, especially when we reached this amazing waterfall. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I could have stayed there for days!

Cybil Miller
Chicago, IL

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